Common Misconceptions About Cholesterol

1. Using margarine instead of butter will help lower my cholesterol


Both margarine and butter are high in fat, so use both in moderation. From a dietary perspective, the major factor affecting blood cholesterol is how much saturated fat is in the food. Reducing your intake of saturated fat is key to helping control cholesterol. Most soft or liquid margarines have less saturated fat and are preferable to the stick forms for a heart-healthy diet. It's best to select trans fat-free margarines. However, eat all fatty foods in moderation.


2. Thin people don’t have to worry about high cholesterol


Overweight people are more likely to have high cholesterol from eating too many fatty foods, but thin people should also have their cholesterol checked regularly. Often people who don’t gain weight easily are less aware of how much saturated fat they eat. Nobody can “eat anything they want” and stay heart healthy. Have your cholesterol checked regularly regardless of your weight, exercise habits and diet.







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