TALS has recently acquired a new advanced automated ESR equipment, and are shifting to this methodology for reporting our ESR.


This method has been internationally accepted for ESR reporting and we ourselves have done extensive internal validation studies. The methodology of this system is LSRB (length of sedimentation reaction in blood), however, ICSH recommends the term ESR to be retained and hence we are calling this an automated ESR. This method has been selected for use in our lab after hearing of the extensive validation done for the same equipment at CMC Vellore and several other centers where they are now using this system for their ESR reporting. 


This method has many advantages like – correction for temperature, minimizing manual visualizing error of ESR reporting, more accurate and precise reporting, reduction of reporting time, reduction in lab errors, and more stringent and better internal quality control. 


We would still have our manual ESR tubes and shall use it off and on for cross checks. We request your feedbacks for the new method for reporting and would urge to inform us for any clinically inconsistent or interesting results.