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ACE(AngiotensinConverting Enzyme)

For evaluating of patients with active Sarcoidosis

Kinetic Method

Serum sample, preferably fasting and in cold

Next day

BNP Levels

Used in the differential diagnosis of patients with cardiac failure vs. Respiratory diseases

MEIA Method,

EDTA Plasma collected in cold, and separated as soon as possible

Next day

CD4/CD8/CD3 Counts

Used to monitor the status of HIV positive patients

By Flow Cytometry

EDTA Whole Blood, 2 mL,

Reporting – next day

Blood to be transported with coolits. To reach lab within 24 hrs of collection.

Cyclosporine levels

For estimating drug levels in patients taking cyclosporine

C0  – trough levels

C2 – 2 hrs after taking drug

FPIA Method

Whole blood EDTA

Next day

Free Light Chain estimation

Used in the diagnosis and monitoring patients with multiple myeloma, especially light chain disease

Rate Nephelometry

Serum sample / Urine sample, random

3 days

H Pylori IgG

Used to detect infection with H Pylori


Serum sample, random

Next day

HAV Total

Used to detect past infection with Hep A


Serum Sample, random

Next day


Used to evaluate patients with spondyloarthropathies

By Flow Cytometry

EDTA Whole Blood, 2 mL


Blood to be transported with coolits. To reach lab within 24 hrs of collection.


Used for diagnosis ofhyperhomocysteinemia


2mL of serum / plasma (heparin/EDTA). Collect in pre cooledvacutainers. Keep the specimens cold during the entire process of collection and separation. Centrifuge specimens in cold (refrigerated centrifuge) and remove the serum / plasma from the cellular material ASAP. Plasma preferred. Store sample at 2 – 8  c.

Same day

Individual antibodies against  :

Sm, RNP/Sm,

Anti SSA (Anti Ro), Anti SSB (Anti La), Anti Scl-70, Anti Jo-1,

Anti Centromere

For evaluation of patients with autoimmune disease

ELISA, Immunoblot

Serum sample, Random, 1 mL

3 days

Ionic Calcium

Used for calcium related disorders


1ml serum, Samples are collectedanaerobically and drawn without tying tourniquet. The sample is collected in plain gelvacutainer. If transported, it should not be opened or the sample transferred immediately into vials without air gap. Sample is transported with coolits. Do not transport in dry ice. Centrifuge with stopper in place within one hour of collection. Testing should be finished the same day. If it cannot be completed then the specimen should be refrigerated or frozen till the time of testing

Same day

Myositis Profile

Used in evaluating patients with Myositis  Polymyositis,Dermatomyositis and overlap syndrome



(Antibodies to Mi2/Ku, PM-Scl, Jo-1, PL-7, PL-12, and Ro-52)

Serum sample random, 1 mL

3 days

Neuronal Profile

Used in evaluation of patients with paraneoplasticsyndromes



Serum sample random, 1 mL

Reporting – 3 days

Includes antibodies to Yo, Hu, Ri, Amphiphysin, CV2/CRMP5, PNMA2


Para Thyroid Hormone

Used for calcium related disorders


2 mL serum / plasma (EDTA), Samples collected after overnight fasting (after 7:00 am), preferably without tying tourniquet. Keep the specimens cold during the entire process of collection and separation. Allow to clot completely at R.T. and centrifuge specimens in cold (refrigerated centrifuge) to remove the serum / plasma from the cellular material ASAP. If using EDTA, ensure proper proportion of blood to anticoagulant. Both plain with or without gel can be used for collection.

Next day

STFR (SolubleTransferrin Receptor)


Serum sample, fasting preferable

Next day

Theophylline Assay

Used to estimate drug therapeutic levels and for suspected toxicity

Dry Chemistry,

Serum or Plasma Heparin, 1-2 mL

Next day

Thrombotic Profile

(ACL + Lupus


+ Pro C Global)

Used in thrombophilia

Coagulation assays + ELISA

Citrated and Plain sample. Collect before starting anticoagulants. Ensure proper blood to anticoagulant ratio. Separate immediately and transport ASAP to lab. Homocysteineto be done separately if required. If on anticoagulants can take following tests – ACL, Lupus (mention dose of anticoagulants), Protein C & S ELISA,Homocysteine. Cannot collect for AT III and ProC Global.

5 days

Tissuetransglutaminase IgA(with total IgA)

Used in the diagnosis of celiac disease


Serum sample, random

3 days

Vitamin D (25 - OH Vitamin D)

Used in patients suspected of Vitamin D deficiency or toxicity


2 mL Serum or Plasma (Lithium Heparin, K3 EDTA) collected after overnight fast. To stop oral supplements, if any, for 3 days prior to collection. Centrifuge immediately after clot formation. Separate plasma sample immediately after collection. Protect from exposure to light. Store at 2 – 8 C before transporting. Stable for 6 hours at 15 – 25 C (A.C. Temp). Transport with coolitsor in a cooled thermos flask after serum separation.

Testing on Tuesday/Thursday


report on Wednesday/Friday



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