Autoimmune Hepatitis Markers




 Auto antibodies available in this profile:

  1. AMA-M2

  2. LKM 1

  3. LC1

  4. SLA/LP 

These are done by Immunoblot assay.




Antibodies, which may also help but not, included in this profile are

  1.  ANA, 

  2. ASMA (smooth muscle antibody) and 

  3. p-ANCA.

These are done by IFA.  These are requested separately or as extended profile wherever needed.




Autoimmune diseases of the liver include 

  1. Autoimmune Hepatitis (AIH), 

  2. Primary Biliary Liver Cirrhosis (PBC) and 

  3. Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC).  



Following antibodies are generally found in Autoimmune hepatitis

Type of AIH   Characteristic auto antibodies  
AIH-1   ANA, SMA, p-ANCA anti-SLA/LP  
AIH-2   anti-LKM-1, anti-LC1  


Mitochondrial antibodies   - AMA- M 2 are directed against proteins of the inner and outer mitochondrial membrane. They are a highly sensitive and specific marker of primary Biliary cirrhosis (PBC).


Most patients with Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis display auto antibodies against granulocytes (p-ANCA). Occasionally, p-ANCA can also occur in AIH and PBC, and their value for the differential diagnosis is limited in this respect. Even though overlaps between PSC and AIH have been reported, antibodies against SLA/LP have not been found in such patients.





Serum, 2 ml - collect 3 to 4ml. of blood in plain bulb



Reporting time

1 week  


Technical details available from the lab on request.




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