Autoimmune Markers

Autoimmune hepatitis Panel  

AMA M2, LKM 1, LC 1, SLA/LP by Western Blot Assay 


For Autoimmune Hepatitis, PBC & PSC

Also available separately –  

AMA – Anti Mitochondrial antibodies – for Primary Biliary Cirrhosis

ASMA – Anti smooth Muscle antibodies – for Autoimmune Active Hepatitis

CIBD (chronic inflammatory bowel disease) Panel 

Goblet cell, p- ANCA, Exocrine pancreas, Saccharomyces cerevisiae – all Ig G & Ig M

For Diagnosis and differential diagnosis of Ulcerative Colitis & Crohn’s disease


Gluten Sensitive Enteropathy

ENDOMYSIUM (anti-Tissue Transglutaminase) AND GLIADIN – Ig A               

 For diagnosis of active gluten sensitive enteropathy (Coeliac disease, non- tropical sprue) and herpetiform Dermatitis


Intrinsic Factor & Parietal Cell AB

Intrinsic Factor Ab

Parietal cell antibodies

Also available

ANA (two substrates) by Immunofluorescence (IFA)

p-ANCA & c-ANCA by IFA & MPO + PR 3 by Immunoblot

ANA profile (14 antigens) by Immunoblot assay with automated scan


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