BNP (B- Type Natriuretic peptide)

Cardiac marker for heart failure & coronary syndrome


BNP is a hormone test for the diagnosis and monitoring of heart failure and coronary risk stratification. It is a peptide secreted from heart myocytes as a result of ventricular stretch 

Clinical Significance

Clinical markers of heart failure are specific but much less sensitive. BNP provides a useful marker for early diagnosis and follow up of heart failure. It is very sensitive as well as specific and is extremely helpful marker of CHF as a cause of acute dyspnea. Reports suggest that along with Troponin I, it is very helpful in acute coronary syndromes.

It is a small peptide hormone secreted by heart muscle as a result of stretch i.e. volume overload and failure of emptying function. Similar hormone ANP is secreted by auricles and CNP by endothelium. This does not interfere with the BNP testing. It is very sensitive and specific and hence useful for early diagnosis and differential diagnosis of heart failure.

It is said to be a better risk stratification marker than CRP in unstable angina and is extremely helpful along with Troponin I.


Clinical Utility of BNP



EDTA plasma 1 ml,



Rs. 800/=


Reference Range

Suggested cut off 80 to 100 pg/ml

Slightly higher levels are seen in elderly persons and also in women.


Report available within 60 to 90 minutes on request


Detailed literature available from the lab on request .



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