Vitros 250 from Johnson & Johnson

Dry chemistry System
  • Proven MicroSlide™ technology sets the standard for superior assay precision

  • Minimal interference from hemolysis, lipemia and bilirubin

  • Fewer repeats, redraws and dilutions than with wet chemistry systems

The best checks and balances on any chemistry system.

  • Short sample detection/clot detection/bubble detection—ensure accuracy

  • Unique Smart Metering™—ensures dependable testing integrity

  • Disposable tips—ensure no carryover

  • Continuous process verification—ensures the right result the first time

Easy to operate—just plug in and go.
  • No deionized water, no plumbing, no drains

  • Load bar-coded slide cartridges, of any lot number, in one easy step—with no reagent preparation

  • Accepts any size primary/secondary containers or cups

  • Small sample size requirements

  • User-friendly help text is available at all times

  • Biosafe operations with no infectious waste