COBAS INTEGRA« 400 plus from Roche

Real security of results

  • Highly sensitive pressure sensors detect incorrect pipetting, even at 2 Ál sample volume.

  • Handling of clotted samples is improved with immediate flagging of faulty samples.

  • System wash pressures have been optimised to fully remove the clot from the sample probes, avoiding any maintenance actions and interruptions to workflow.

  • Patented cassette design plus on-board refrigeration prevents reagent evaporation and degradation.

  • Each cassette holds all necessary reagents for up to 800 determinations, maximising on-board capacity and reducing the possibility of errors and saving staff time.

  • Reagent preparation is a task of the past. The barcoded reagent cassettes are automatically handled by the system, reducing the possibility of errors an saving time.

  • More than 140 applications for all types of sample matrices are measured with one of 4 different measuring technologies - absorbance photometry, turbidimetry, fluorescence polarisation and ion selective potentiometry.

  • The COBAS INTEGRA« 400 plus system has up to 36 different onboard assays. For quick access to additional tests, cassette racks can be exchanged while the system is running. Offboard storage of pre-calibrated cassettes allows full flexibility.

  • The broad menu includes clinical chemistry, specific proteins therapeutic drug monitoring, drug of abuse testing and much more. Consolidation on a single system improves turnaround times by reducing the need for sample splitting.

Integrated with a sophisticated software programme
  • Quality control programs monitor precision and accuracy to ensure reliable results.
  • Validated sample results are continuously transmitted to the central server via the host query communication mode, guaranteeing fast and error free result availability.
Continuous sample access to up to 90 samples
  • Sample racks allow continuous access as tests are completed and new samples arrive, eliminating unnecessary test delays.
  • Up to 90 barcoded samples, in six 15 position racks, can be loaded onboard. STATs are automatically given priority and immediately processed once the barcode is read to speed up delivery of results to the physician.
  • Serum, plasma, urine, hemolysate, whole blood and CSF can be used in barcoded primary or secondary tubes. Microcups can be used for low volume samples, e.g. paediatric and CSF.